[SIPForum-discussion] Need a free sip desktop phone which provides interfaces to thirdparty application

vijay swami vijay_wce at yahoo.co.in
Wed Apr 22 05:53:10 UTC 2009

Hi All,
    I have one very strange requirement.I am devloping one non SIP Third party application.One desktop SIP phone is also running on same system.I have provided one text box for entering SIP URI and Place a call button in that Third party application.
    here my requirement is, I will enter the SIP Uri in the text box provided by Non SIP Third party application and click on a button of Place a call.After that call should go through SIP Phone running on same system and subsequently my application should get the indication from sip phone i..e.200 OK,BYE etc. And even for incoming call also when SIP Phone receives incoming INVITE SIP phone should indicate to my application that incoming call has came and subsequently event of Call Connected ,Call end indication also should give to my application.
     If i want to achive this then basically SIP Phone which is running itself should give some interface or it should give some provision, So that some third party application will get indications about the call status or some third party application should be able to make a call from his application through SIP Desktop phone.e.g Skype phone provides some commands ,command line interface so that any third party application can have control over the skype.By using those commands third party application can make a call through skype ,or it will get incoming call indication also from skype.
     Like skype is there any SIP desktop phone which provides such interfaces to make call through SIP Phone by using Third party application ? Or what is the probable solution for this proble.Any kind of SIP Phone is fine for me ,only it should provide interfaces.How to get the Incoming call indication,Status of established call? How to make outgoing call so that if i click the button on third party application,call should go through SIP phone and UI should popup on SIP phone that Outgoing call to this no.
  Please help me,How to achive this scenario?? I Know it is very strange requirement, That as a SIP devloper i never came across such requirement. I thought and browsed many phones like SJ Phone,X Lite,3CX,Eyebeam,Ekiga etc etc. But waste.I did not get usefule information.That is good brain teaser issue for devloper.Please add your thought how to achive this..
Vijay Swami

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