[SIPForum-discussion] Registration domains. Are IP's allowed ?

Tomasz Zieleniewski tzieleniewski at gmail.com
Wed Apr 22 09:04:52 UTC 2009


When client construct REGISTER request, request URI points the domain
for which the registration is meant. While SIP domains are related to DNS
not IP addresses client should use DNS domain. Just like it is in case of
defaults client behavior when it takes host part of it's AOR.

How registrar knows about it's domains is registrar implementation specific,
Anyway if the request is not for it's domain set registrar should act as
One can imagine using IP addresses but this is problematic.
That would disable the possibility to use proceedures for locating sip
and leave a question if registrar will accept and understand such request.

Kind regards
- Tomasz Zieleniewski

2009/4/21 Yevgen Krapiva <ykrapiva at gmail.com>

> Hello everybody.
> Here is a simple question. For example, my registrar manages domain
> atlanta.com,
> and registrar itself listening on interface with ip
> If I have an incoming REGISTER request with Request-URI like sip:,
> is it correct to decide that registrar IS responsible for this domain ?
> If yes, then what if registrar manages more than one domains ?
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