[SIPForum-discussion] Question about SUBSCRIBE method processing in proxy

Tomasz Zieleniewski tzieleniewski at gmail.com
Fri Apr 17 08:57:42 UTC 2009

what do You mean by "doesn't support them?

2009/4/17 Yevgen Krapiva <ykrapiva at gmail.com>:
> Thanks.
> But I'm thinking about if proxy recognizes *special* requests but
> doesn't support them then should it response Method Not Allowed or
> just ignore and apply standart routing methods for them ?
> I want to apply polite solution in my proxy.
> 2009/4/17, Tomasz Zieleniewski <tzieleniewski at gmail.com>:
>> Hi,
>> If the requestURI sip:user1 at kv-po-ykrapivanb.umc.com.ua
>> is a correct AOR for this user and proxy doesn't provide service for this
>> particular event package then it is completely normal behavior to send
>> the request further to the destination.
>> If proxy handles user domain then by making a query to location service
>> and if not then by applying standard routing procedures.
>> Kind regards,
>> - Tomasz Zieleniewski
>> 2009/4/16 Yevgen Krapiva <ykrapiva at gmail.com>:
>>> Hi.
>>> Here is short description of incoming SUBSCRIBE request:
>>>>SUBSCRIBE sip:user1 at kv-po-ykrapivanb.umc.com.ua SIP/2.0
>>>>Via: SIP/2.0/UDP
>>>>Contact: <sip:user1 at>
>>>>To: "user1" <sip:user1 at kv-po-ykrapivanb.umc.com.ua>
>>>>From: "user1" <sip:user1 at kv-po-ykrapivanb.umc.com.ua>;tag=801dfd1e
>>> I've found that if proxy doesn't understand such or similar methods,
>>> it will forward this request back to sender because of RequestURI.
>>> Then the sender will send reply (Event Package Not Supported) to
>>> proxy, and proxy again will forward response to sender.
>>> So, the sender is appeared to talk itself.
>>> Is this normal operation ?
>>> Thanks.
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