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yudia yudia at phintraco.co.id
Thu Apr 16 05:56:05 UTC 2009

Hi Nabam, 

sometimes the header doesn't contain double quoted.


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If you are using PAI to present the identity, CP name can be presented on PAI header under double quoted. E.g:
P-Asserted-Identity: "the caller" <sip:31021 at xyz.com:5061>

So you can display string "the caller" as calling party name.

Does it helps?


From: yudia <yudia at phintraco.co.id>
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Subject: [SIPForum-discussion] Calling Party Name

Hi all,

i still having having trouble in displaying the calling party name, because we only receive calling party number between sip users.
We are using PAI header, and even tough we did found the user name in trace log, but still cannot display CP-Name.

Thank you for any inputs.


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