[SIPForum-discussion] Query regarding current status update using PUBLISH method

Vivek Batra Vivek.Batra at matrixtelesol.com
Mon Apr 6 09:24:38 UTC 2009

My query is in regards to the current event state pulbished using PUBLISH
Watcher can subscribe to know the current status of presentity using event
*Presence*. Presentity can update his/her current status using PUBLISH
method. Presentity can update its current status as Busy, Do-Not-Disturb etc
(with <Status> as Open).
With contrast to make the user interface same as of Yahoo Messanger, Google
Talk etc, which element of PIDF document carry the current status of
presentity viz Busy, Do-Not-Disturb etc??
I have checked the PIDF document of few SoftPhones and found that the PIDF
document carry the current status under <Note> element. But as per RFC 3863,
<Note> is an optional element. This means that there should be some
mandatory element viz <xxxyyy> where the current status of Presentity can be
included and which is understood by all watchers.
Best Regards,
Vivek Batra
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