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hi rajesh,

this is from RFC 3261 and RFC 3204

The Content-Disposition header field describes how the message body is to be
interpreted by the UAC or UAS ..The values for content disposion is given
*session* - body part describes a session, for either calls or early
(pre-call) media
*render*- the body part should be displayed or otherwise rendered to the
*icon* - the body part contains an image suitable as an iconic
representation of the caller or callee that could be rendered
informationally by a user agent when a message has been received, or
persistently while a dialog takes place
*alert*- the body part contains information, such as an audio clip, that
should be rendered by the user agent in an attempt to alert the user to the
receipt of a request

if the Content-Disposition header field is missing, the server SHOULD assume
bodies of Content-Type application/sdp are the disposition "session", while
other content types are "render".

other fieled handling-param is associated with Content-Disposition

handling-param, describes how the UAS should react if it receives a message
body whose content type or disposition type it does not understand

If the handling-param has the value "optional", the UAS MUST ignore the
message body; if it has the value "required", the UAS MUST return 415
(Unsupported Media Type). If the handling parameter is missing, the value
"required" is to be assumed.


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> what is the use of content despostion ( a type of SIP header) .
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