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Hi Rajesh


Content Deposition is explained in RFC 2183 and RFC 3261. Go through it I
think it should help you.


[---Two common ways of presenting multipart electronic messages are as a
main document with a list of separate attachments, and as a single
document with the various parts expanded (displayed) inline. The
display of an attachment is generally construed to require positive
action on the part of the recipient, while inline message components
are displayed automatically when the message is viewed. A mechanism
is needed to allow the sender to transmit this sort of presentational
information to the recipient; the Content-Disposition header provides
this mechanism, allowing each component of a message to be tagged
with an indication of its desired presentation semantics...  ---] <--
A Simple Definition of the Content-Disposition taken from RFC-2183 <-- 





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Hi All,

what is the use of content despostion ( a type of SIP header) .


Thanks in Advance 


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