[SIPForum-discussion] BYE or CANCEL

sumit jindal sumitjindal.nsit at gmail.com
Thu Feb 21 05:23:09 UTC 2008

Hello Deepesh,

403 forbidden could be final error response of the INVITE in this case
below is the snippet of 3261 for your reference.

"The notion of "hanging up" is not well defined within SIP. It is
specific to a particular, albeit common, user interface.
Typically, when the user hangs up, it indicates a desire to
terminate the attempt to establish a session, and to terminate any
sessions already created. For the caller's UA, this would imply a
CANCEL request if the initial INVITE has not generated a final
response, and a BYE to all confirmed dialogs after a final
response. For the callee's UA, it would typically imply a BYE;
presumably, when the user picked up the phone, a 2xx was
generated, and so hanging up would result in a BYE after the ACK
is received. This does not mean a user cannot hang up before
receipt of the ACK, it just means that the software in his phone
needs to maintain state for a short while in order to clean up
properly. If the particular UI allows for the user to reject a
call before its answered, a 403 (Forbidden) is a good way to
express that. As per the rules above, a BYE can't be sent."

Thanks & Regards,
Sumit Jindal

On Wed, Feb 20, 2008 at 2:04 PM, Deepesh singh <motosingh at yahoo.co.uk>

> Hi All,
> If PSTN subscriber rejects or doesn't reply the call what will be class
> 4 switch sending to IP end point client is it BYE or CANCEL transaction.
> Best regards,
> Deepesh
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