[SIPForum-discussion] Trying to set TMG6120 GOAKE`s SIP IAD

Miguel Angel Huamani Arone mhajma98 at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 7 22:19:21 UTC 2008

Hello friends, Coul you help me with a SIP device please?
This a Gaoke`s SIP IAD TMG6120 with PRI ports.  I wanna set 2 SIP lines in this device, I set like that:

TMG6120#set sip

    0 - Not Register
    1 - Per Endpoint
    2 - Per Gateway Reg
    3 - Per Gateway Auth
  ->Register mode[3]:
  ->Register server address(Enter 0 to disable)[]:
  ->Hostname of register server(Enter 0 to disable)[telmexngn.com.pe]:
  ->Register server port(0-65535)[5060]:
  ->Register interval(30-65535)[60 s]:
  ->Register number(Enter * for NUL string)[]:ln6200019
  ->Register display name(Enter * for NUL string)[]:ln6200019
  ->Register user name(Enter * for NUL string)[]:ln6200019
  ->Register password(Enter * for NUL string)[]:QWRTE
  ->SIP local udp port(0-65535)[5060]:
  ->Enable outband proxy server?'yes'or'no'[yes]:
  ->Proxy server address(Enter 0 to disable)[]:
  ->The hostname of proxy server(Enter 0 to disable)[telmexngn.com.pe]:
  ->Proxy server port(0-65535)[5060]:
  ->Use new port for T.38?'yes'or'no'[yes]:
  ->T.38 error correction?'yes'or'no'[no]:
Really want to modify?'yes'or'no'[yes]:

 Use SAVE command to save the changes.

 Save current configuration? 'yes' or 'no' [no]:y
 Saving configuration...
  new system info activate
  new sip parameters activate
  new pppoe conf activate

 Be sure to reset the device? 'yes' or 'no' [no]:y

But this line 6200019 cannot registering with SS.  I traced this registration but It dont appear nothing about SIP.

Please Help me, with this equipment.

Best Regards friends

Miguel Huamani

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