[SIPForum-discussion] From field in SIP header

Fredrik Sandedal fredrik.sandedal at enera.se
Fri Nov 30 07:11:14 UTC 2007



I have a question regarding the "From" field in the SIP header.


I send an INVITE request from within our LAN and through a SIP
supporting firewall to a SIP termination service.

The firewall changes IP-address of the "Contact" field from
to the firewall's WAN IP but the "From" field still has the LAN



From: <sip:02073367100 at>;tag=....

Contact: <sip:02073367100 at>


WAN (after passing firewall)

Via: SIP/2.0/UDP 88.131....:5060;branch=...

From: <sip:02073367100 at>;tag=....

Contact: <sip:02073367100 at 88.131....:5060>


Is this a correct behavior? The reason I'm asking is because I do not
receive any RTP traffic from the SIP termination service.


Kind regards,

Fredrik Sandedal, Enera


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