[SIPForum-discussion] plz help setting source port of a registerrequest

Nittin Dutt Nittin.Dutt at csr.com
Wed Nov 28 09:58:26 UTC 2007

I think you have to bind the 5060 port to the socket you are using to

In standard Socket API the function is simply 'bind(...)', you may have
to look for the equivalent in your Socket APIs.



Nittin Dutt



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I develop a simple SIP client.
I have understood the docs, examples, but I can't catch any responses.

When I made a trace, I saw that my messages have sent from source port
eg. 1239,   destination port is OK though.

-->  User Datagram Protocol, Src Port: 1239 (1239), Dst Port: 5060

Of course I want port 5060 as source AND destination port, so I call
        scn = (SipConnectionNotifier)Connector.open("sip:5060");

But my messages have been sent from a random port, so the answers arrive
to this port.
My listener (which listens to port 5060) never catches anything!
How can I set the port, which I send on?

I found some dudes who also suffered from this:

Really no idea...

Does anyone can help?

thanks in advance!!


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