[SIPForum-discussion] plz help setting source port of a register request

maruf syfullah maruf.syfullah at gmail.com
Tue Nov 27 09:49:10 UTC 2007


I develop a simple SIP client.
I have understood the docs, examples, but I can't catch any responses.

When I made a trace, I saw that my messages have sent from source port eg.
1239,   destination port is OK though.

-->  User Datagram Protocol, Src Port: 1239 (1239), Dst Port: 5060 (5060)

Of course I want port 5060 as source AND destination port, so I call
        scn = (SipConnectionNotifier)Connector.open("sip:5060");

But my messages have been sent from a random port, so the answers arrive to
this port.
My listener (which listens to port 5060) never catches anything!
How can I set the port, which I send on?

I found some dudes who also suffered from this:

Really no idea...

Does anyone can help?

thanks in advance!!
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