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Marc Robins marc.robins at sipforum.org
Mon Nov 26 20:03:52 UTC 2007

Hi Dan,

The discussion mail list is for general questions about SIP technology,
deployment and troubleshooting issues -- it is the primary list that SIP
Forum participant members have access to as part of their free membership
status. Various forum news items -- such as upcoming events and special
offers for membership, is also posted to this list

There are other lists that the SIP Forum maintains for various workgroups,
as well as for our paying Full Members. Access to these lists is only
permitted to individuals that have been approved by the SIP Forum board or
its various commitees.



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Given the number of recent "unsubscribe" messages to the list, I thought I'd
just point out that instructions to leave the list are in the footer of
every message sent to the list:
> > ______________________________________________
> > This is the SIP Forum discussion mailing list TO UNSUBSCRIBE, or 
> > edit your delivery options, please visit 
> > http://sipforum.org/mailman/listinfo/discussion
> > Post to the list at discussion at sipforum.org
I've personally only recently joined the list so I can't say how useful it
is or not to be on the list.

It does, however, look to be the only communication vehicle for the SIP
Forum membership, so if you unsubscribe from this list it is not clear to me
how you would receive communication about SIP Forum activities.
Perhaps someone from the SIP Forum leadership can clarify that.


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