[SIPForum-discussion] Regarding Record-Route

Roy, Nishant Kishore nishantkr at hp.com
Thu Nov 22 03:53:13 UTC 2007

Hi group ,

When in initial INVITE has Record-Route from a UAC ... Does the UAC
maintain any route set for future message transition from the UAC
side....? As I know after getting such INVITE UAS will maintain  such
Route set and that will get reflected in the any message sent by the UAS
after session establishment .....

Not making very confusing .. Making my question simple here ...

If from application we are setting the Route header then stack sent the
INVITE according to the Route header not by the REQ-URI ... This way we
can be sure the Route header set by the application has the Route header
property too... 

Similar way if Record-Route is getting set from the application and sent
by the stack ..i want to check whether only the Header is getting set or
it has the Record-Route property also ... 

Suggest me some scenario when Record-Route is in initial INVITE
......... I know one when we have Record-Route in the 200 ok  sent by
the UAS then UAC has ACK which will be have converted Route header ..
But I don't want this ....

Suggest me the scenario when we set into the initial INVITE  ... UAS
will be simulation so I want to check in case of UAC only ...

Hope I wont be taking much time 


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