[SIPForum-discussion] Another alternative rathen than rtpproxy or mediaproxy...

Carlos Loarca songohan15 at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 21 08:02:44 UTC 2007

Hi everyone:
I have been working with NATHELPER or MEDIAPROXY (SER and OPENSER )to handle audio and video calls. However I have got into the point that there should be another way to work around Firewalls and NAT transversal rather than mediaproxies and rtp-proxies.
I have heard about STUN servers with ICE support but never seen it working and I wonder if this works. And I dont know any server like this, and I know that the softphones or IPphones need to support it.
If I dont want to force the audio or video to come to my server I want audio/video traffic to go from end-to-end point, what kind of solution is the most recommendable?

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