[SIPForum-discussion] how many DIALOG will be created ?

harish T harish0611 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 13 05:55:16 UTC 2007

While reading DIALOG section In RFC 3261 i read ,we can create dialog
between 2 UA...if that is the case ,then,for the bellow senario how many
DIALOG will be created ?


I (say person "A")  want to communicate with the person say "B" through
proxy server "SRV".

Now if i say Dialog is established between person "A" and person
"B"....practically as per 3261 rfc,Dialog is created betwwen 2 UA...here we
have 3 UA's one Person "A",second Server "SRV" and third is Person "B"...

SO,How many dialog should be creted to say Dialog is created between UAC "A"
and "B"...is it 2....one between UAC "A" and UAS "SRV", anothere between UAS
"SRV" and UAC "B".

or else it is only one between UA "A" and UA "B"?,....

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