[SIPForum-discussion] When i should go for Forking ?

Deepanshu deepanshu at huawei.com
Fri Feb 9 05:51:09 UTC 2007

Dear Harish

As you said forking is a mechanism of sending SIP request (message) to multiple destination at the same time.

It is being used for example

"if a user have multiple client. in other words u user can have more than one device with same SIP URI but different AOR". So when receving a request destined for that SIP URI, the server SHOULD fork the request to different clinets at tha same time.
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  While reading rfc i come across a word "forking ".I understood the concept of forking (sending messages to number of locations at the same time) but since i am not having experience in networking filed  i am not getting where exactly it will be used in SIP architecture. 

  Can any one tell me  ,at what circumstance i should go fo forking ?(where forking is used in SIP)

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