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Hi!path as well as record-rout both are used to populate the route header filed? so that means both forces the requests to pass through some particular proxys..So is it that only the p-cscf can add the value in path field?..unlike record-rout, where all proxys can add their addresses?is this the difference? regardsanuj\"Arnab Biswas\"  wrote  As you have written \"Path\" is a 3GPP header, it is being used by 3GPP compatable proxies in, say, IP Multimedia Subsystem Network. In an IMS network P-CSCF (proxy CSCF) puts its own identity in the Path Header during the Registration process itself, to make S-CSCF (its the Registrar you can say) aware of its presence. If you are familiar with IMS network I can explain it to you in more details.       On the other hand Record-Route Header is being used to generate the Route Header.The presence of the Route Header in the message, compells the message to travel through all the proxies those are present in the Route Header.        Thanks,  Arnab       On 1 Feb 2007 09:33:58 -0000, anuj <anuj18sh at rediffmail.com> wrote:  Hello!  The sip headers ,Path: and Record-route: are both used for forced routing through proxys, and are also added by the proxys themselves.    What is then the difference between the two, except that Path is a 3GPP header.?    Thanks in advance.  anuj         _______________________________________________  This is the SIP Forum discussion mailing list  TO UNSUBSCRIBE, or edit your delivery options, please visit   http://sipforum.org/mailman/listinfo/discussion  Post to the list at discussion at sipforum.org              
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