[SIPForum-discussion] forwarding more than one 2xx in a proxy server

Young-Geun Park zeroroot at tmax.co.kr
Fri Feb 2 12:21:50 UTC 2007

Hi, all


The following is described in 16.7.5, RFC3261(p110):

After a final response has been sent on the server transaction,

the following responses MUST be forwarded immediately:

- Any 2xx response to an INVITE request


This step, combined with the next, ensures that a stateful

proxy will forward exactly one final response to a non-INVITE

request, and either exactly one non-2xx response or *one or more*

2xx responses to an INVITE request.


The server tx's state would transition to 'terminated' state because of
first 200 OK.

So I think that it is impossible for second 200Ok to be forwarded by the
same server tx.


I don't know why it is possible.


Best regards, 


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