[SIPForum-discussion] SIP registration/deregistration

Shikhar Sarkar shikhar at utstar.com
Fri Feb 2 07:07:35 UTC 2007

Some SBCs would identify which users don't appear to be "active" and
send a de-register on their behalf to the Call Server. Can you experts
tell me if there is any potential issue in this model? If I am not
wrong, de-registration is nothing but a special SIP Register message
that may contain parameters pertaining to the end device and the end
user. If SBC generates a Register message (de-registration in this case)
on the UE's behalf without receiving a Register from the UE, can it
create a problem for smooth execution of other SIP services (current and
future) for which SBC shall stay transparent? Just wondering whether
this SBC generated Register can override any useful user preferences at
the Registrar.
In some sense may not be an issue, because the UE is anyway not
available, so calls should not be delivered anyway. But any other
services that shall be triggered if the user is not available and such
information actually the Call Server might have received from the UE
when it made a genuine registration? Now because of a self-generated
Register msg from the SBC, this info at CS is lost? Is it possible?
Appreciate experts' comments on this.
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