[SIPForum-discussion] Purpose of SIP Forum mailing lists? (Was Re: flow of RTP in SIPP)

Henning Schulzrinne hgs at cs.columbia.edu
Fri Dec 28 16:35:16 UTC 2007


I think we need a separate, lower-noise list to continue the  
interoperability discussion that started at the Vancouver IETF. A list  
where many of the writers seem to think that they are writing IMs to  
their high-school buddies (can u hlp plz) is not exactly conducive to  
attracting people that have outgrown that level of discussion.

An announcement list would also be helpful, akin to ietf-announce.

I also like the BBS-style forum idea; I don't think many of the  
questions will actually get answered, but that's no great change from  
what seems to be happening here, except that now 3,000 people have to  
see the message.


On Dec 27, 2007, at 5:22 PM, Eric Burger wrote:

> This is an excellent question and great kick-off for a discussion.   
> That, of
> course, is a great use of the discussion list.
> Dan is correct - we do not have AI software or an army of moderators  
> to
> classify messages.  I know I personally classify based on Subject,  
> which is
> why I missed the original post.  Thanks to Dan for changing the  
> subject.
> We have been discussing for over a year what we should do with this  
> list.
> Very little of the traffic is directly SIP related.  For a while, I  
> thought
> we should rename the list the "Asterisk Newbies List."  Others  
> proposed
> naming the list the "People who do not have the ability to RTFM  
> List."  That
> may have been made worse by the number of "Please Unsubscribe Me  
> From This
> List" messages we received, even though EVERY message sent by the list
> includes instructions for how to remove yourself from the list.
> Some thoughts include:
> 1. Leave the list as is.  Deep questions get addressed on the IETF  
> list.
> Implementers' questions get addressed on the Columbia University list.
> Having this list as the "New Newbie" list keeps irrelevant traffic  
> off of
> those lists, which is a definite service to the SIP community.
> 2. If we leave the list as is, how does the SIP Forum communicate to  
> its
> Participant Members?
> Right now, we have close to 3,000 Participant Members.  The signal/ 
> noise
> ratio on the discussion list is about 1:150 *after* spam removal.
> 3. Should we have something like "sipforum-announce", which would  
> only have
> postings from SIP Forum management?
> 4. Should we have something like a moderated discussion list, where  
> the
> moderators take on the responsibility for directing newbies to the  
> right
> list of FAQ?
> 5. Other suggestions?

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