[SIPForum-discussion] Purpose of SIP Forum mailing lists? (WasRe: flow of RTP in SIPP)

Jeff Wright JWright at azteknetworks.net
Fri Dec 28 15:48:17 UTC 2007

I think Dan's suggestions are all good ones, and I particularly like the
idea of updating the mail-list so that the archives are searchable.
That would be a huge boon for newbies (such as myself) trying to find
answers to specific questions.  The way things stand now, the best I can
do is individually download all the tar'd archives and then try to
search through each of them - tedious at best.


It might also be helpful to have the mailing list send out
(periodically) a FAQ, perhaps weekly.  At least that would get people
started in the right direction.


Jeffrey D. Wright

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Responding to your questions inline...


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