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Hi Subhrajit,

              The answer to your questions are as folows:


• The main disadvantage of SIP is that it has no means to detect network
• The processing requirements placed on the SIP proxy are higher than with
H.323, which requires more message exchanges to pinpoint the position
• Another main problem with SIP is that all the new versions are not
backward compatible, which causes operational problems

SIP protocol pretends to be more promising, despite of disadvantages.

2) Source code of SIP

The best site to go for is www.*code*project.com/ce/

You can also try www.ietf.org or some of the discussions in sipforum.org

I hope this answers your question.
If you have more queries, contact me on 1-972-948-2856


Ronak Shah

(Southern Methodist University)

On Dec 3, 2007 3:46 AM, Subhrajit <subhrajit.gh at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi everybody,
>                    I am Subhrajit Ghosh working on VOIP.My area is to find
> the existing disadvantages of Session Initiation Protocol and to enhance
> it.Can anybody put some light on it?My Question is:
> 1. What are the existing disadvantages Of SIP?
> and the most important
> 2. Can anybody provide me the source code of SIP?
> or atleast give me the links where I can get it.
> --
> Subhrajit Ghosh
> +919861091988
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