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Shakthi shakthi_msc at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 28 06:36:26 UTC 2007

Hi All..!
      Can anyone explain this stanza? I want to know where the value for the binding will be stored ?   (which is taken from rfc 3261, section: 10.3, Point no. 6)
  PLz explain me the content shown in BOLD format.
  The registrar checks whether the request contains the Contact
         header field.  If not, it skips to the last step.  If the
         Contact header field is present, the registrar checks if there
         is one Contact field value that contains the special value "*"
         and an Expires field.  If the request has additional Contact
         fields or an expiration time other than zero, the request is
         invalid, and the server MUST return a 400 (Invalid Request) and
         skip the remaining steps.  If not, the registrar checks whether
         the Call-ID agrees with the value stored for each binding.  If
         not, it MUST remove the binding.  If it does agree, it MUST
         remove the binding only if the CSeq in the request is higher
         than the value stored for that binding.  Otherwise, the update
         MUST be aborted and the request fails.
  Thanx in advance

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