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Subashini Rajaraman suba_technical at yahoo.co.in
Sun Aug 19 11:08:03 UTC 2007

Hi all,
     According to RFC 3261, i guess it is a stateful proxy(fwd.pulver.com).since,proxy itself sending 1xx responses from my captures once INVITE is sent.I explain the two scenarios i faced.......
  1.once INVITE sent by calling,The 200 OK sent by the caller is transmitting till the retransmission times & disconnects.This is forwarded to the proxy & reached the calling side properly.
  reason  why this is forwarding for the retransmission & disconnection happens is,
  for that 200 ok,the calling side should send ACK which is reached to the proxy,but it is not forwarding to the caller.hence the call disconnects.
  2.Once the calling side disconnects through proxy,the proxy is forwarding 404 user not found.
  3. I need information about fwd.pulver.com like the
  configuration & working.

  please give me the reasons for this cases ASAP if u know it.
  sorry & thanks,
vivek krishna <vivekkrishna_s at yahoo.com> wrote:
  can you please send the detailed message trace.

vivek krishna
--- Subashini Rajaraman 

> Hi All,
> I need a help from all of you.
> I am calling between two voips through
> fwd.pulver.com(sip server) as FWD in SIP.The called
> VOIP disconnects after sometime,since proxy is not
> forwarding the ACK sent by calling VOIP to the
> called VOIP.Once the calling Voip disconnects &
> sending BYE,The proxy is sending 404 user not found.
> 1.why proxy is not forwarding the ACK alone?
> 2.why proxy is sending 404 user not found
> eventhough the voip is registered properly.
> thanks in advance...
> ----
> regards.
> subash.
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