[SIPForum-discussion] UAS Processing of the INVITE request

Vijay T vijaycec at yahoo.co.in
Sun Aug 12 05:55:47 UTC 2007

Dear All
          This is vijay...i have a doubt reg INVITE req processing...
During the handling of INVITE request(UAS core) RFC3261 states that in the section

13.3 UAS Processing

13.3.1 Processing of the INVITE
  3."If the request has a tag in the To header field but the dialog
     identifier does not match any of the existing dialogs, the UAS
     may have crashed and restarted"

My Qns: 
1.Here the request itself fill the tag of the To header field.How???
2.In crashed & restarted  case why not UAS generated corresponding error response for that???

and another separate query is 
please tell me about "mid-dialog" request and when it'' happen???
i'm little bit confused abt this request....

Thanks in Advance

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