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Manpreet Singh msingh at ibasis.net
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Thanks Nittin

It was helpful..i guess I missed that section for 3xx response handling.


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Pls see the response inline

-Nittin Dutt
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> Hi
> The Call-ID is to remain same for all the retries unless its a new 
> dialog.
> Now for all the recursion happening via the Contacts in the 3xx 
> responses, would tbe Call-ID be preserved or will it be  new call ID 
> all the time? If the first contact sent 5xx ( so technically still no 
> dialog formation ) would the retry to the second contact carry the 
> same call-ID? My understanding is yes but want to get some response 
> from the group.

[ND] On 3XX, In redirected request Call-ID can either be different or same
as original request, same rule for To/From. However branch-id in Via should
be changed. See section RFC 3261.

> Also any document which describes the optimal behaviour of a UAC after 
> receiving a 302 response from a redirect server and

[ND] See section RFC 3261.

> what all error codes a
> UAC should recurse on? 

[ND] All 3XXs, unless otherwise the user decline on interactive prompt OR
there's any local policy configured.

> Plus what all parameters can
> be sent in the 302
> response which the client can use put in the outgoing INVITE to a UAS.

[ND] You can put any parameter in Contact of 3xx which you would like to see
in Req URI of redirected request. You can also put 'header' parameters in
Contact to instruct the user to have it added as SIP Headers in redirected
request. For details see the above mentioned reference.

> thanks
> Manpreet
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