[SIPForum-discussion] Call-ID for recursion between multiple Contacts in 3xx

Manpreet Singh msingh at ibasis.net
Fri Sep 1 18:14:35 UTC 2006

The Call-ID is to remain same for all the retries unless its a new dialog.
Now for all the recursion happening via the Contacts in the 3xx responses,
would tbe Call-ID be preserved or will it be  new call ID all the time? If
the first contact sent 5xx ( so technically still no dialog formation )
would the retry to the second contact carry the same call-ID? My
understanding is yes but want to get some response from the group.
Also any document which describes the optimal behaviour of a UAC after
receiving a 302 response from a redirect server and what all error codes a
UAC should recurse on? Plus what all parameters can be sent in the 302
response which the client can use put in the outgoing INVITE to a UAS.
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