[SIPForum-discussion] Apologies from the list admin

Jay Batson jay.batson at sipforum.org
Tue Dec 5 14:01:55 UTC 2006

All --

On behalf of the SIP Forum, I apologize for the seeming incessant  
flow of people who are emailing the list and asking to be removed /  
unsubscribed.  We have implemented all the "normal" stuff provided by  
the mailing list software that we use (mailman) to handle these --  
intercepts to auto-snag administrative messages (when we can),  
monthly password reminders, links at the bottom of each message back  
to the page where you unsubscribe, etc.

It just seems that people won't do the normal stuff to unsubscribe  
themselves, as easy as it is.

I do take the time to manually unsubscribe each member who requests  
it, in order to avoid complaints about repeated requests to  
unsubscribe, etc.  But I'm not sure we can do much to change things;  
if people won't "read the directions" and unsubscribe themselves, I'm  
not sure we can out-think those people.

All I can do is ask your forbearance as we continue to try to tweak  
the tools we can find to take these administrative messages out of  
the list stream.

Thank you in advance for your patience.

Jay Batson
Managing Director, Chairman
jay.batson at sipforum.org

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