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Irwin Lazar ilazar at burtongroup.com
Tue Apr 11 13:24:12 UTC 2006

I had a question about the use of a gatekeeper during migration from an
H.323 to a SIP environment.  The scenario is a global enterprise with over
100,000 users, hundreds of thousands of customers, and multiple call centers
around the world.  Currently in-bound calls enter via globally distributed
H.323 gatekeepers which control how calls are routed (e.g. Routing based on
phone number and available resources).

In migrating to a SIP environment the challenge is how to preserve this
gatekeeper-like functionality.  Basic requirements include support for both
H.323 & SIP, ability to do source & destination-based call routing, ability
to support RSVP, dynamic gatekeeper configuration, and routed-mode call
routing, again with a very large volume of incoming and outgoing calls.

Are there products out there that can meet this need?  From what I¹ve seen
in examining products from leading enterprise VoIP vendors, their SIP
gateways lack certain features and can¹t scale to the size necessary for
this installation.  Would SBC products be able to do these sorts of things?

Thanks in advance,

Irwin Lazar, CISSP
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