[SIPForum-discussion] Cisco 3640 with Nortel PBX

Akarach Rattanawaree akarachr at gmail.com
Fri Nov 18 09:44:33 UTC 2005


            I have Cisco 3640 with Voice and E1 card connected to
Nortel PBX for call out from PBX to PSTN. I have problem when

1.      user hang-up the phone and got dial tone from PBX

2.      dial prefix 9 and telephone number (9,024455566)

3.      user will got dial tone again from Cisco

4.      If user dial telephone number again, it can go to PSTN. (024455566)

            User ------ > PBX ----- > Cisco 3640 ----- > SIP Server ----- > PSTN

Have you ever found this case? I have tried to use command "isdn
overlap-receiving" on serial interface.

Thank you


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