[Sipnoc] STIR/SHAKEN VIRTUAL SUMMIT Webinar Registrations are Live

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STIR/SHAKEN VIRTUAL SUMMIT Agenda and Webinar Registrations are Now Live!

Special Free-to-Attend Webinar Series takes place June 22-26, 2020; Will focus on issues vital to the deployment of the STIR/SHAKEN Call Authentication Framework and ongoing efforts to combat illegal Robocalls and Caller ID Spoofing

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The SIP Forum is proud to announce that the official agenda and webinar registrations <https://www.sipforum.org/news-events/stir-shaken-virtual-summit/schedule/>  are now live for the STIR/SHAKEN VIRTUAL SUMMIT, a special webinar series focusing on the challenges and opportunities related to the deployment of the STIR/SHAKEN Call Authentication Framework. 

The STIR/SHAKEN VIRTUAL SUMMIT will feature a series of webinars that focus on issues critical to the reliable and successful deployment and operation of STIR/SHAKEN in today's IP-based network environments, as well as associated topics including discussion of the ramifications of governmental regulatory, legislative and enforcement actions and critical security issues.

The STIR/SHAKEN VIRTUAL SUMMIT features webinars on: 

*	Update on the STIR/SHAKEN Framework and IP-NNI Task Force Milestones
*	Update on the Status of the STIR/SHAKEN Secure Telephone Identity Governance Authority (STI-GA)
*	Lessons Learned from STIR/SHAKEN Testing and Deployments







·         Focus on Operational Experience – the View from the Carriers

·         Extending STIR/SHAKEN Beyond Carriers

·         Certification Delegation and Extending the Trust Model

·         International SHAKEN

·         Out-Of-Band SHAKEN Solutions

·         Federal Regulation and Enforcement 

·         The State of Track and Trace

·         Important Certificate Management Considerations and Procedures

·         Considerations Surrounding Delegated Certificates

·         RCD (Rich Call Data) and other Call Validation Display Framework Solutions

·         STIR/SHAKEN Deployment Best-Practices

·         Considerations for Management, Performance and Troubleshooting

·         Trusted Customer Solutions: Implementing STIR/SHAKEN with Enterprise Customers

·         Interconnection and Access Reform Challenges

The STIR/SHAKEN VIRTUAL SUMMIT will offer actionable information for all industry stakeholders in the Robocall and Caller ID Spoofing elimination/mitigation ecosystem, including telecommunications providers, major backbone operators, interconnect and wholesale solution providers, ISPs, cable operators, and wireless network operators, as well as governmental regulators and agencies, regulatory attorneys with state and federal jurisdictions, equipment manufacturers and mobile product developers, device integration specialists, large enterprise service assurance operations and IT/communications staff, government agencies, customer care/contact centers, and application providers and data analytics firms. 

A number of leading companies are supporting the STIR/SHAKEN VIRTUAL SUMMIT through their generous support as webinar sponsors, including Metaswitch <https://www.metaswitch.com/> , NetNumber <https://www.netnumber.com/> , Neustar <https://www.home.neustar/> , Ribbon Communications <https://ribboncommunications.com/> , and TransNexus <https://transnexus.com/> . 


 For More Information and to Register  

Visit the STIR/SHAKEN VIRTUAL SUMMIT event landing page <http://www.stirshakensummit.org/>  for more information, and to register visit the STIR/SHAKEN VIRTUAL SUMMIT Agenda page <https://www.sipforum.org/news-events/stir-shaken-virtual-summit/schedule/> . Still have questions? Send an email to stirshakensummit at sipforum.org. 


 Sponsorship Information 

There are a still a limited number of additional sponsorship opportunities available for companies offering STIR/SHAKEN services and solutions to present a webinar, but time is running out. For information about webinar sponsorship benefits and costs, please contact Marc Robins at +1-203-829-6307 or email marc.robins at sipforum.org.


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