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10 Great Reasons to Attend SIPNOC 2018!

SIPNOC 2018 is about six weeks away, so what are you waiting for? 

The 8th Annual "SIP Network Operators Conference <http://www.sipnoc.org/> " -- focused 
on the real-world challenges network operators face when deploying SIP services in global IP networks – is coming up fast December 4-6, 2018. 

SIPNOC 2018 is where you can learn engineering and operations best-practices that can transform your IP Communications services. 
Hosted by the SIP Forum, SIPNOC 2018 is the only technical engineering and operations meeting for IP Communications network operators and large enterprises focused on the SIP protocol.


Don't miss the opportunity to attend what is shaping up to be the best SIPNOC ever!


To help make the case, here are 10 Great Reasons you should attend SIPNOC 2018: 

1.	Produced by the SIP Forum <https://www.sipforum.org/> , one of the leading and most respected IP communications industry associations
2.	Featuring a world-class, peer-reviewed agenda <https://www.sipforum.org/news-events/sipnoc-2018-overview/sipnoc-2018-conference-schedule/>  that is commercial-free and fully focused on the important 
technical considerations of the day
3.	A terrific lineup of speakers <https://www.sipforum.org/news-events/sipnoc-2018-overview/#speakers> 
4.	Great in-depth Full Day Robocall Summit <https://www.sipforum.org/news-events/sipnoc-2018-overview/#summit>  – deep dive into the STIR/SHAKEN Framework with the experts responsible for the development of the specifications
5.	Extraordinary keynote addresses <https://www.sipforum.org/news-events/sipnoc-2018-overview/#keynote>  from Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) Chairman and CEO Ian Scott, new FCC CTO Dr. Eric Burger, and SIP Pioneer and Former FCC CTO Dr. Henning Schulzrinne
6.	Diverse, International gathering of telecommunications providers <https://www.sipforum.org/news-events/sipnoc-2018-overview/#attendees> , major backbone operators, interconnect and 
wholesale solution providers, ISPs, cable operators, wireless network operators and large enterprises deploying major SIP initiatives.
7.	Great networking events that include fabulous buffet dinners and refreshments
8.	Conveniently located 5 minutes from Dulles airport at the Hyatt Regency Dulles Hotel <https://www.sipforum.org/news-events/sipnoc-2018-overview/#hotel>  in Herndon, VA
9.	Special All-Access discounted rate for SIP Forum Full Member company staff 
10.	Special discounted rates for government and military personnel








 <https://www.securelogix.com> Image

 <https://www.telcobridges.com/> Image

 <https://www.ingate.com/> Image

 <https://transnexus.com/> Image

 <https://tnsi.com/> Image





SIPNOC 2018 Registration

Regular All-Access Conference Pass: The regular "All-Access" SIPNOC 2018 conference registration fee is $1295 and includes access to the Robocall Summit, followed by two days of conference proceedings. This "all-inclusive" fee also includes breakfasts, lunches and break refreshments and snacks, and special networking receptions the first and second nights of the event! 

Full Member All-Access Pass: Individuals from SIP Forum Full Member companies save more ($200 to be exact.) Send an email to sipnocinfo at sipforum.org to request the Full Member access code. 

Gov't/Military Employee All-Access Pass: Individuals who work for government agencies or the military are entitled to a special savings of $445 on the All-Access Pass (for a total fee of $850). Please send an email to sipnocinfo at sipforum.org to request the exclusive access code.

Conference Sessions-Only Pass: Aren't interested in the Robocall Summit but want to attend the General Sessions part of the conference? We have you covered! Register by selecting the "Conference Sessions Only" option. The regular "Conference Sessions Only" Pass is $1095 for two days of conference proceedings, meals and breaks, and the Beer and Gear Networking Dinner reception. 

Gov't/Military Employee Conference Sessions-Only Pass:Individuals who work for government agencies or the military are entitled to a special savings of $345 on the Conference Sessions-Only Pass (for a total fee of $750). Please send an email to sipnocinfo at sipforum.org to request the exclusive access code.

Robocall Summit-Only Pass: Just want to attend the Robocall Summit? No problem! Simply select this registration type, with an associated fee of $595. 

Register at https://www.regonline.com/sipnoc2018. 


SIPNOC 2018 General Event Information

*	For more information about SIPNOC 2018, please visit www.sipnoc.org <http://www.sipnoc.org/>  or send an email to sipnocinfo at sipforum.org. 


SIPNOC 2018 Sponsorship Information

*	Learn more about SIPNOC 2018 Sponsorship Opportunities by downloading the SIPNOC 2018 Sponsorship Brochure! <https://www.sipforum.org/download/sipnoc-2018-sponsorship-opportunities-brochure/?wpdmdl=3381>  For additional information about corporate sponsorship opportunities at SIPNOC 2018, please contact Marc Robins, SIP Forum President and Managing Director, at 
203-829-6307 or marc.robins "at" sipforum.org. 


SIPNOC 2018 Call for Presentations General Info 

*	To view the official call for presentations, which includes instructions on submitting material, key dates of interest,  and specific SIPNOC policies, please visit https://www.sipforum.org/news-events/sipnoc-2018-overview/sipnoc-2018-call-for-presentations <https://www.sipforum.org/news-events/sipnoc-2018-overview/sipnoc-2018-call-for-presentations/> . 


For more information, please visit:
 <http://www.sipnoc.org> www.sipnoc.org or email  <mailto:sipnocinfo at sipforum.org> sipnocinfo at sipforum.org





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