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SIPNOC 2017 Session Spotlight: STIR and the SHAKEN Framework Super-Session 


Once again, the invaluable combination of networking opportunities and forward-looking educational programming at SIPNOC makes it one of the most useful trips you will make this year.

This year, SIPNOC 2017 will feature a special "Spotlight on STIR and the SHAKEN Framework" Super-Session – comprised of presentations and panel discussions - that will examine in detail the work and milestones of the Network to Network Interface (NNI) Joint Task Force <https://www.sipforum.org/activities/nni-task-force-introduction/> , a cooperative effort between the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS) and the SIP Forum. 



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To address unwanted and illegal Robocalls and Caller ID Spoofing, ATIS and the SIP Forum have been working to develop standards to verify and authenticate caller identification for calls carried over an Internet Protocol (IP) network using the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP).


In mid-July, the United States Federal Communications Commission voted 3-0 to approve an official Notice of Inquiry (WC Docket No. 17-97) <https://apps.fcc.gov/edocs_public/attachmatch/DOC-345474A1.pdf>  seeking industry comment on the SHAKEN Call Authentication Framework.

With currently more than 150 participants, the NNI Task Force has been meeting regularly for the past three years to define specifications to support SIP-based Service Provider to Service Provider IP Interconnection. The Task Force is comprised of telecommunications technical experts representing a range of telephony service providers and suppliers, both large and small, which serve both consumers and businesses.

The ATIS and SIP Forum SHAKEN Call Authentication Framework consists of a three-phase approach to solving the issue of caller identification, using a digital certificate scheme to "verify and authenticate caller identification for calls carried over an Internet Protocol (IP) network."

Phase 1 (completed) consists of the development of the SHAKEN framework, based on the protocols developed by the IETF’s STIR working group (the STIR framework), and describes the operations necessary for making an authenticated telephone call using the SHAKEN framework.

Phase 2 (completed) consists of the development of a "Governance Model and Certificate Management for the Trust Anchor," describing the way in which entities will be granted the trust necessary to vouch for call authenticity, and the organizational structures needed to manage this process. Specifically, this work introduces a governance model and defines X.509 certificate management procedures. Certificate management provides mechanisms for validation of a certificate and verification of the associated digital signature, allowing for the identification of illegitimate use of national telecommunications infrastructure.

Phase 3 (in development) consists of a "Call Validation Display Framework" that will recommend how to display SHAKEN/STIR information to consumers.

Other topics that will be covered at SIPNOC 2017 include Securing the VoIP Infrastructure; SD-WAN;  Voice Network Syndication;  SIPconnect 2.0, 3.0, and Certification Testing;  Troubleshooting and QoS Strategies;  IoT Applications and the Use of VoLTE; Debugging SIP Applications; Call Routing and Peering; Important Regulatory and Policy Developments; Troubleshooting and Monitoring; Intensive Wireshark Training, and more! Please refer to the SIPNOC 2017 Preliminary Agenda <https://www.sipforum.org/news-events/sipnoc-2017-overview/sipnoc-2017-conference-schedule/>  for more detailed information about the conference content.


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