[SIPForum-discussion] Inactivity of media stream.

Dauren Zhumagaliev zdaureen at gmail.com
Tue Apr 12 06:08:28 UTC 2016


I faced a problem of multicast streams processing during interoperability
test on sip server. Remote side sends initial INVITE with two (m) lines:
audio and video. Audio stream has normal connection information with
address and udp port, all the necessary attributes presented as well. Video
stream has connection information with the same  address, but port set to
0. There are no attributes: sendrecv or inactive inside both streams.
My sip server considers null port or null address in the connection
information or attributes "inactive"/"sendonly"/"recvonly" itself inside
stream as command to change the mode of media stream, that's why it sends
response 180 Ringing SDP with attribute "inactive" inside, but it sets
normal address and port inside connection information. Remote side rejects
my 180 Ringing SDP. They require null port for video stream in 180 response
as it was offered in initial INVITE
I want to prove equivalence of:
- port = 0 in the connection information
- address = in the connection information
- attribute = inactive in the media stream
And if UAS receives port 0 in INVITE  it MAY send attribute "inactive" in

I checked RFC3264 but didn't found out recommendations related exactly to
my case. Could you please advice me some RFC which describes my issue?

Thanks in advance.

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