[SIPForum-discussion] Periodic NOTIFY for SIP SUBSCRIBE

Paul Kyzivat pkyzivat at alum.mit.edu
Tue Sep 15 14:36:32 UTC 2015

On 9/9/15 4:06 AM, Ashutosh Panda wrote:
> Hi All,
> Can there be periodic NOTIFY messages for same event/subscription state
> for a SIP SUBSCRIBER for 'reg' event? In other words, can a SIP Server
> be configured to send SIP NOTIFY say every one minute even though there
> is no change in subscription state?

It is legal for the server to send messages this way if it wishes. But 
there isn't any standard way for you to force it to do so. You can of 
course *poll* it with a SUBSCRIBE whenever you like.


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