[SIPForum-discussion] Early Media Call flow

Stephen James sjames_1958 at yahoo.com
Mon May 11 15:33:18 UTC 2015

Looks like forking.
Check your Via header - if there are separate branch values then these are separate dialogs.The UAC should cancel (BYE) the original dialog that sent PCMU / port 2000 and honor the port 5000 200 OK. Stephen James 
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 Subject: [SIPForum-discussion] Early Media Call flow
Hi All ,

I have come across one sceanrio :Invite sdp(O1)---------------------->
183 sdp V1(A1) <---------------------- PCMU codec , Audio port 2000Prack --------------------- >200 <----------------------
200 sdp V2 <---------------------------PCMA codec , Audio port 5000
ACK ------------------------------------->

Here Sdp coming in 183 and 200 is completely different and coming from different user Agent over same Call-id.
As offer answer is complete after 183 sdp ,how should we handle 200 coming with different sdp ?
1. Assuming 200 sdp as new offer and send answer in ACK ?
2. Ignore 200 sdp as offer answer already completed ? As per RFC 6337 SDP should not be included in subsequent response once offer answer has been completed.ThanksKamal

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