[SIPForum-discussion] Does every Voip phone use SIP INFO to send DTMF?

Vivek Batra vivek.batra at matrixcomsec.com
Tue Aug 25 16:11:18 UTC 2015

Most of the standard SIP phones available in market supports SIP INFO.
Although you would also see all of them supporting other methods as well
viz RTP-NTE (RFC 2833) and Inband.

Few vendors supporting propriety methods as well to transport DTMF. Cisco
supports couple of other methods viz KPML, NOTIFY etc.

On Mon, Aug 24, 2015 at 11:56 PM, Rodrigo Pimenta Carvalho <
pimenta at inatel.br> wrote:

> Hi.
> In my office I have a Voip phone. During a call with such device, whether
> I dial 200 for example, the phone will generate a SIP INFO message
> containing the value 200. Good!
> Does every Voip phone send DTMF values as SIP INFO messages? Is it in
> general  a kind of standard in the telecommunications? Or is it a matter of
> some device configuration?
> Any hint will be very helpful!
> Best regards.
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