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Hi Tristan,
Can you check in Huawei softswitch global sip configuration and as well in Genband A2  for session expires attributes1. is the refresher UAS or UAC or both2. time configured is 300 secs or 5 minutes as you indicated for huawei
except for genband ip phone I am not seeing the refresher going from any other model.flow is terminal --> genband A2 ---> Huawei SS --> terminals registered to huawei..
since every terminal is supporting timer then they should respect re-invite(aka refresh invite from server)



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Huawei softswitch sends BYE with reason: SESSION TIMER EXPIRES. Our Huawei Softswitch has Timer of 300s which is why calls for IOS and Android gets cut off at around 5 minutes.
My only concern is that 3 of the other SIP Clients do not experience a call cut-off at around 5 minutes while simulating the exact customer scenario.
Would you be familiar on the function of this 'a=ptime' attributes? Is the ptime value in seconds? Would appreciate an immediate reply please.

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I admittedly do have have working experience with all these particular endpoints, so my suggestions are merely based on observations of the Invite messages.

The Invite's associated to the IOS and Android endpoints do not appear to have 'ptime' attributes, whereas the Invites associated to the other three endpoints do.  Issues with ptime attributes typically effect quality of service.

PTimer Attributes:
 a. Genband IP Phone - a=ptime: 20
 b. Grandstream IP Phone - a=ptime: 20
 c. IOS - Not Configured
 d. Android - Not Configured
 e. PC Client - a=ptime: 30
My other thought was whether or not this could be associated to a 'session refresh' issue, if the session is seen as inactive and requires refresh to remain established?

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Hi guys.
Genband A2 is currently peered to Huawei Softswitch.
Genband A2 has the following terminals that register to it:
 a. Genband IP Phone
 b. Grandstream IP Phone
 c. IOS
 d. Android
 e. PC Client
Now, I try to call to Numbers routed at the Huawei Softswitch from the following terminals and experience:
a. Genband IP Phone calling Huawei - Call NOT cut-off
b. Grandstream IP Phone calling Huawei - Call NOT cut-off
c. IOS calling Huawei - Call cut-off at 5 minutes
d. Android calling Huawei - Call cut-off at 5 minutes
e. PC Client calling Huawei - Call NOT cut-off
May I request what has to be adjusted on the IOS and Android clients please? I've attached a summary of the SIP Invites being generated by terminals.

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