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Tim Garey tim.garey at myfairpoint.net
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Hello all,


Thanks very much for your responses, all were correct and helpful. The
problem I had

was due to using an older version of Wireshark. With the older version
(forgot which one now)

udp.port == 56456 || udp.port == 4310 would not show RTP packets. When I
upgraded to latest

Wireshark the same filter worked as expected.





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Hi Tim


How does this look when applied?


ip.dst == 1 and udp.port == 52560





On 15 October 2013 16:28, Tim Garey <tim.garey at myfairpoint.net> wrote:

I have a large pcap file with about 7 active calls.  I can see on one
particular call there is a problem and

need  to find out when in the trace the RTP stream ends for this call. I
have identified where it starts

and ports being used, but it seems nearly impossible to find where it ends
as the source/dest addresses

are the same for all calls.


Is there a way to create a  Wireshark display filter to show only the RTP
stream with port = 52560 to IP-address1.

This would help greatly in troubleshooting




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