[SIPForum-discussion] To-Tag in REGISTER message

Keerthi Srinivasan keerthivarmansrinivasan at gmail.com
Tue Oct 30 11:17:50 UTC 2012


When UA sends REGISTER request to the server it does not contain the To-Tag
and Server is accepts the Registration (200 OK) will have the To-Tag.

If the Refresh or Deregister does not have the To-Tag in the REGISTER
message. Is the server will accept the Refresh or Deregister REGISTER
message or will send 482 Loop Detected as per the RFC3261 ( Merged

Here is the RFC3261 content: Merged Requests

   If the request has no tag in the To header field, the UAS core MUST
   check the request against ongoing transactions.  If the From tag,
   Call-ID, and CSeq exactly match those associated with an ongoing
   transaction, but the request does not match that transaction (based
   on the matching rules in Section 17.2.3), the UAS core SHOULD
   generate a 482 (Loop Detected) response and pass it to the server

      The same request has arrived at the UAS more than once, following
      different paths, most likely due to forking.  The UAS processes
      the first such request received and responds with a 482 (Loop
      Detected) to the rest of them.

Is the Server MUST reject or Accept the Refresh / Deregister REGISTER

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