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About SIPconnect-IT 2012

SIPconnect-IT 2012 is a new SIP Forum SIP trunking interoperability testing
initiative to drive industry-wide adoption of the SIPconnect 1.1 Technical
Specification. SIPconnect-IT 2012 will be a five-day event held from
December 3-7, 2012, at the University of New Hampshire Interoperability
Laboratory (UNH-IOL)'s 32,000 square foot facility in Durham, New Hampshire.
The laboratory focuses on testing services for data, telecom and storage
networking technologies, helping to efficiently and cost effectively speed
go-to-market time for products. As an independent organization, the UNH-IOL
offers confidential, vendor-neutral testing that is recognized industry-wide
as evidence of interoperability and conformance to technical standards.

The primary goal of the SIPconnect-IT 2012 event is to provide a venue where
attendees can perform technical interoperability testing among and between
products or services that use the SIPconnect 1.1 Technical Specification
published by the SIP Forum, and adhere to the requirements of the Session
Initiation Protocol ("SIP) as defined by the Internet Engineering Task Force
("IETF") and associated companion technologies and protocols. 


Who Should Attend SIPconnect-IT 2012?

SIPconnect-IT 2012 will provide application developers, equipment vendors
and service providers with a platform to demonstrate and test
implementations of this SIP trunking interoperability specification in a
live network environment. 


Eligible Products to Test at SIPconnect-IT 2012

The focus of SIPconnect-IT 2012 interoperability testing will be on complete
SIP trunk solutions that serve the enterprise or service provider networks.
Therefore, standalone products that comprise a partial solution will not be
an ideal fit for this event unless this product is paired with another
vendor product that provides a complete solution.

Examples of complete solution products that are recommended for testing in
the interoperability event are:

*	SIP-PBX (with or without SBC)
*	Softswitch/SIP Application Server (with or without SBC)
*	Service Provider SIP Trunk service solutions
*	Test Tools that emulate the SIP-PBX or SP-SSE

Vendors with standalone products are also encouraged to participate.
However, partnering with other vendors through which a complete solution can
be achieved is preferred. Realizing that this may not always be possible,
standalone products may be submitted for testing if it is understood that
the SIP Forum may need to make decisions about which products they may
interoperate with. These decisions will be based on the product
registrations received and other logistical factors. Vendors may also
request to work with other specific vendors of choice (see the Requirements
and Capabilities Survey on the registration link). Wherever it is possible
or practical these requests will be accommodated.


SIPconnect-IT 2012 Registration

Registration to SIPconnect-IT 2012 is now available online at

Early-Bird Registration is Now in Effect! If you register before October 31,
2012, the registration fee is $750 -- $150 off the regular registration fee!

This registration fee covers attendance at the event; breakfast, lunch, and
snacks and beverages throughout the day (note that dinners are excluded);
and a dedicated table space for each participating company that includes
Internet connectivity and electricity.

For more information about SIPconnect-IT 2012, please contact Marc Robins,
SIP Forum Managing Director, at marc.robins at sipforum.org.



Marc Robins

President and Managing Director

SIP Forum

 <http://www.sipforum.org/> http://www.sipforum.org





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