[SIPForum-discussion] SIP INFO method and mid-session

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Hi Kwanghee,

If the INFO would have been sent by the UA, it would have been reasonable. Lets discuss about a scenario, where the call is getting connected to a IVR server or VM server, and UA is getting some early media (183 session in progress) where the IVR or VM server wants it to dial a PIN so that the call will be subsequently connected to a final destination.
In this scenario, UA can send INFO(Out of band) to send the digits(DTMF). In your scenario, GW is sending INFO, not sure what they want to deliver. Is this GW your product or some vendor's.



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Subject: [SIPForum-discussion] SIP INFO method and mid-session

Hi all,


I want to discuss about  SIP INFO method.

According to the rfc 2976, 

The INFO method
is used for communicating mid-session signaling

    information along the
signaling path for the call.


When is the mid-session point?  receiving
18x, 200 or sending ACK?


Is it reasonable the following call flow?







   183              <===



INFO              <===



In my opinion, Proxy will discard INFO method.
Because the mid-call is not established between UA and GW


How about you?




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