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Roy, Nishant Kishore (CMS) nishantkr at hp.com
Mon Mar 26 05:08:52 UTC 2012

Hi Anitha,
I don't have exact answer for your problem , although
SIP protos test suite is meant for validation for all header and parameter in invite message by sending one invite per test case by changing various content of header .

When I was working .. what I use to do is .. in failed test I use to open testcase/ folder and open respective failed testcase .. and its looks very obvious that what would have been change or wrong value in message .

Its really helpful in finding bugs related to boundary value and memory corruption with sending huge value . you cann't expect any functional validation
Good luck ..


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Hi All,

  Good Day!!

 I am working on a VOIP based Testing with Asterisk IP PBX.

I am in need to torture the application (Asterisk) with SIP PROTOS suite. I dont find any website to get the complete list of scenarios/ test cases for it.

Could somebody help me to get the list.

Waiting for the replies!!!!!

Thanks and Regards,

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