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Gopalakrishnan A.N saigop at gmail.com
Tue Sep 27 09:39:32 UTC 2011

If your SIP client is behind the NAT, then i dont think so you will face any
issue. when your SIP server is behind the NAT then you have to configure the
STUN server in your SIP server or NAT configuration in your SIP server to
recognize the NAT, there are public STUN servers available, you can use
those (Ex: stun.ideasip.com).

SIP ALG, normally embedded with routers coming nowadays. SIP ALG will work
perfectly only for outgoing calls not for incoming calls, because SIP ALG
which has a SIP parser will change your SIP message, so for outgoing it will
be perfect when it comes for incoming still there are some issue. Its not
upto the standards.

I hope I have answered your query.

On Mon, Sep 26, 2011 at 11:37 PM, Enthiran k <enthirann100 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi All,
> when my SIP client is hiding behind the SIP unaware NAT then my SIP call
> wont be successful ?? is my understaning is correct ??
> Always the NAT needs to be SIP aware ( like ALG ) to support the SIP calls
> ?>?
> Guys some one plss confirm and it would be much appriciated if u can
> explain me more on this ?
> thanks
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