[SIPForum-discussion] SIP PAI Address: sip:anonymous at are getting 480 from SoftSwitch

Zuñiga, Guillermo Guillermo.Zuniga at cwpanama.com
Mon Sep 19 23:59:45 UTC 2011

HI Fellows:
I have the following scenarios:
I have a peer-to-peer configuration and one of our sip-carriers connected are sending us a invite with the following characteristics:
From: "test" < sip:+75973 at >;
P-Asserted-Identity: "test"< sip:anonymous at >
Contact: < sip:+75973 at;transport=udp >

And when the calls come like this I have a issue between my SoftSwitch and the PSTN and the calls are getting SIP 480, cause softswithc never send out a Calling Number to the PSTN gateway.
From above scenarios I would like to know:
1-Which is the best practice to manage this type traffic:
Require that Carrier don''t send us the PAI messages like anonymous.

2-I was reading the rfc 3325, but I am not clear.
What is the function of PAI header?
Is important the use of PAI in a peer-to-peer scenarios?

3-I found some line in the rfc and say the following:
It is RECOMMENDED that the P-Asserted-Identity header
fields SHOULD NOT be removed unless local privacy policies preventit, because removal may cause services based on Asserted Identity to fail.
I should take care of that?

I appreciate a lot yours feedbacks.

Guillermo Zuniga
Especialista de Soporte Técnico
Gerencia de Soporte Técnico

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