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mustafa aydin mustafaydin82 at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 9 12:33:19 UTC 2011

Hi Caglar,
I agree that they are not mandatory, but I can't prove it by RFCs.

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I dont think they are mandatory. Most SIP Servers can be able to handle them and generate without quatas. For ex Nortel-Genband SIP devices are also can be able to handle them wıthout quoatas 

B. Caglar ER

From: mustafa aydin <mustafaydin82 at yahoo.com>
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Subject: [SIPForum-discussion] Diversion Header Syntax

Can someone tell if the format of the Diversion header below is an acceptable  one, if so how can I prove it with RFCs?

<sip:xxxxxx at>;reason=unconditional;privacy=full;screen=no
My concern regarding this format  is that  if there must be  quotes around the full  and no values, because as per  the RFC,the syntax is as below, but I found many implementations where there are no quotes around.
   Diversion = "Diversion" ":" 1# (name-addr *(";" diversion_params ))  
   diversion-params = diversion-reason | diversion-counter |
                      diversion-limit | diversion-privacy |
                      diversion-screen | diversion-extension
   diversion-reason = "reason" "="
                   ( "unknown" | "user-busy" | "no-answer" |
                     "unavailable" | "unconditional" |
                     "time-of-day" | "do-not-disturb" |
                     "deflection" | "follow-me" |
                     "out-of-service" | "away" |
                     token | quoted-string )
   diversion-counter = "counter" "=" 1*2DIGIT
   diversion-limit = "limit" "=" 1*2DIGIT
   diversion-privacy = "privacy" "=" ( "full" | "name" |
                       "uri" | "off" | token | quoted-string )
   diversion-screen = "screen" "=" ( "yes" | "no" | token |
                                        quoted-string )
   diversion-extension = token ["=" (token | quoted-string)]

Thanks is in advance
Mustafa AYDIN

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