[SIPForum-discussion] announcement when calling IMS from mobile (GSM)

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first you will get announcement if announcement server is configured for IMS Services. If Party A (GSM) dialing  Party B (IMS) then GSM User will get announcement from IMS what ever you configured for specific services. 

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Hello ,
Can anyone share is experience on the below ? 
Thanks again,
>Hi all
>I have a small doubt regarding announcements When A(IMS) call B(IMS) ,after  T=X timeout ,if B didn't answer A should receive an announcement "the number you are calling is not available now, plz >call again later"
>My doubt is when A number,  is  mobile number(GSM) , and call B# (IMS) >> should A# hear the timeout-announcement message or not?
>All of the above ,assuming A# & B# are registered ,available ,not busy.
>Timeout for not-answering is 45 Sec
>Thanks in advanced
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