[SIPForum-discussion] redundancy server Query

Rohan Almeida almeida.rohan at gmail.com
Tue Jun 21 05:04:15 UTC 2011

virtual IP or VIP as it is commonly refered maps a single virtual IP
to two or more IP address

eg. VIP  ->  v.v.v.v
server  machine A  -> a.a.a.a
server  machine B -> b.b.b.b

   now the VIP v.v.v.v will be mapped to both a.a.a.a and b.b.b.b

   the client will access machines A and B using then VIP v.v.v.v
   the VIP package will route the packets/request for IP v.v.v.v to
a.a.a.a or b.b.b.b whichever is available.

the trafice will be routed according to the configuration u have made
for VIP package , eg rounn robin, load balancing, active passive

regards, Rohan Almeida

On 6/11/11, baslingappa bhujang <basling99 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi All,
> Could some one please advice me , how does a redundancy server work. What is
> the use of Virtual IP address in this case.
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