[SIPForum-discussion] SBC's that drop traffic based on domain

Chet Curry CCurry at telovations.com
Thu Jun 16 20:54:35 UTC 2011

In an effort to mitigate DDOS attack's I am trying to deny all traffic based on the request-uri host domain.  The reason being from what I see is "most" attacks are sent to the SBC's IP address and does use the domain name.  When the proper domain is supplied I would like to allow that packet.  All other I will not respond to period.

Example of hacker Requet URI
Ex. INVITE sip100: SIP/2.0

Legit Request URI
Ex. INVITE sip:7724558787 at voip.hacker.net SIP/2.0

I have tried to create an HMR on ACME with little success.  I can get the registers to not respond yet only if sip: is use.  If the attacker uses sip:100 at the SBC still will respond with a 403.
Besides that All invites are never dropped.

I have tried to get ACME to come up with a solution yet have been unsuccessful.

Has anyone had any successful experience at implementing this on any other SBC platform?  I know there are many ways to protect yourself from DDOS attacks yet  to me this is a simple first line of defense.

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